Audio running time


I am having issue, trying to marry up image changes with playing time points in a wav file

So i can display the images fine, and play the audio, however i want to change the image at a certain time of the audio

Is there any way in monogame to find out and what the Current PLAY TIME postion is, so if the WAV file has been playing for 12 seconds, it would report that, how can i find this out, I have tried using a timer, but its about 4 seconds out

Is there a Retrieve current playing postion (time-wise) in monogame sounds effects

Otherwise i shall have to use a 3rd party, or cut up the audio, or a video
I really want to keep everything within monogame as the rest of it is amazing


I used a movie file in the end

does anyone know a good free audio library to use with monogame as the built in one seems limited