Avalonia + Dock + Monogame ( for Monogame IDE/ shader toy or level editor on desktops) MVP/ Preview/Demo but usable

he just got this working with Docking…Integration of MonoGame for Avalonia + Avalonia.Inside + working samples) thanks to wieslawsoltes/AvaloniaInside.MonoGame !!! has great potential , some bleeding edge techniques , and massive community. still rough but usable.

Install: clone this defaultfork GitHub - damian-666/AvaloniaInside.MonoGameDock: Integration of MonoGame for Avalonia plus dock

or the upstream wieslawsoltes/AvaloniaInside.MonoGame ( DockDemo branch) … I will keep it in sync with upstream wieslawsoltes/AvaloniaInside.MonoGame and maybe try some of my own expireiments in here and mabye add try 2d shader tests , scripting, such.


WIP/ MVP see the readme. Gives you a path from WPF if you are using that for an MG level editor. or shader toy like thing. There are scripting components, drawing , and node graphin in Core2d as well.

help me sponsor to wieslawsoltes, if you have major issues he can fix it, unless you really know Avalonia and the history for 6 months to yeasr, will take you days and he can do it in minutes or hours.

tested by Šoltés on Apple m1 osx and me on windows 11… both run opengl. uing a Writeable bitmap but its syncs fast, any device surface show be possible. started by OmidID

might work on the web or android buit takes forever to buid, and docking and layouts doesnt make as much sense on those… might be better try avaloniaUI + the monogame inside or other solutions.

if fork, fork and branch his upstream one (DockDemo branch). i make no promises or take sponsorship, these are just my own tests for now, im still using WPF…