Hello everybody,

After searching throughout the community forums to find out interesting stuff, I started a new awesome list that contains a selection of Monogame libraries and tools.

Feel free to contribute!

It’s available here :

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Very very nice.

Really nice! I’ve often thought MG needed a place for all the utilities people wrote :slightly_smiling:

Would be even more awesome if you used the projects GitHub page for this, so you can directly fetch the amount of stargazers (rather than hardcoding) and sort stuff based on stars. Just an idea :wink:

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I wanted to respect the other awesome lists template, but I will eventually create an associated GitHub page, great idea !

And maybe it has already been created for other awesome list, I have to check …

Thanks, I really hope we will have a centralized place to get the right tools easily instead of finding great stuff randomly. :slightly_smiling:

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You did great!!

I peeked into Nez, I won’t use it all, but the GUI code and Physics code, probably I’ll, it’s very well made :smile:.

This needs more Ruge engine..
It allows Drag/Drop and Gliding animations.