Backbutton crash

Hey Guys,

in my App there is a bad bug:
When im pressing the home-button and then the backbutton, the app comes back for like 0.005seconds but then it crashes. I have heard about other guys having the same problem but i didnt find how to fix it or maybe i just ddidnt understand it, because i’m from Germany! :open_mouth:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I have similar issue. What does debugger say? What version of monogame are you using?

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When i press home-button and then back-button it says:
“Das Programm “[2476] TaskHost.exe” wurde mit Code -2005270523 (0x887a0005) beendet.”
In english it should be sth like “The program “…” ended with the code … (…).”
I really dont know what version i am using!
The Problem is: I use VS13 so i need to take the Templates from VS12. And i did it weeks ago. I think the Templates are from 3.2 and monogame on my PC is 3.0.1 or 3.1…

I really dont understand all of this stuff i’m just good in programming XNA-games and i dont know why this doesn’t works…

Moreover there is the problem when i create a new Monogame project, my Ads from pubcenter aren’t working! :confused: (I tried it also in offline/test-mode)…
But the Problem with the home/back-button is more important now! :open_mouth:

i tried to make a new project and pasted only short code-parts into the new.
the back-button-crash only happens when something is drawn with spriteBatch i think.

Exactly. Something is wrong with drawing after resume. Although my version (latest develop branch) works if I have only gamepage.xaml but doesn’t when navigating. Do you have any pages other than GamePage? Are you using any textures that aren’t loaded with content manager?, because you need to reload all resources manually, I think ContentManager does this for you for all resources loaded with it, but other resources you have to load manually when the game is resumed. I posted a similar issue few hours ago! You should download latest develop branch and reference that dll.

I have the page Game1. Its working as long as i dont draw anything.
Does that mean i have to load my textures in load content method?
Cause im actually loading them in the Constructor of every class with:

Or what should i do?

That’s fine… Go to Monogame GitHub and download latest develop branch:
Open “/MonoGame.Framework.WindowsPhone.proj” project and build it. Use the .dll in the bin folder as a reference in your game. Make sure that you are building for ARM if you’re planing on testing on device, otherwise build on x86. Does that help?

EDIT: Oh, I cant reply more than 3 times. The way you handle resources is fine… You have a “DOWNLOAD ZIP” button on that page and then you just extract it into a new folder on your desktop or something. Inside that folder there is windows phone project file, open it and then run it like you would run a game. Next, inside the “/Monogame.Framework” folder there is “bin” folder with .dll’s you just compiled. You need to reference the “…/bin/WindowsPhone/ARM(or x86)/Debug/Monogame.Framework.dll” in your game.

ouh i really cant handle with git projects! i dont even know how to download them :confused:
Cause i think you need a program to do it and if i download sth there it even says sth is missing!
Why they didnt compiled it for us? Is it so hard?

btw what is fine?

Also there are only .cs data in the folder so how to build it?
But i took a look at those classes and they could be helpfull cause i read something with rendertargets and drawing and all the problems i have :open_mouth:

Are the developers of monogame here in the forum?
They should know how to fix it, shoudln’t they?

Trying to run the project like a game therw were many errors.
Thats what i ment by saying im not able to handle with Git-projects!
There are like 10000 errors like (translated myself):
“The type or namespace “X3DAudio” couldnt be load (Is there missing a using-directive or assembly-reference?)” What did i do wrong?! :open_mouth: btw, aren’t there other guys knowing how to fix this problem, cause i mean we are in a monogame-forum and yeha :confused: i want to get it fixed now :frowning: