Basic topDown Isometric game

Hello all monoGame community Developpers !
So i dont know where to start but i will try to be the most specific and short as possible,

Since 2 years ago i coded my game with game maker 8, which was very powerfull for me at the beginning, but when my game become to be very specific, i see Gm and GML ( the game maker langage script ) become very limited… that why I wanted to convert my whole game to a more recent and powerfull game engine,and langage. I search anywhere and I see MonoGames, so I will try to convert my game to this engine ( which btw seems very powerfull :slight_smile: )

But, I need to explain you what my kind of game my game is, it’s basically a topdown isometric real time game, in fact the render seems to be isometric but it’s simply 2D and the ilusion of Isometric is done with a simple script which convert cartesian mouse_x and mouse_y position to isometric one,then i simply pass this iso coord to a simply grid pathfinding algorithm which make path with this coordinate, and it used to working very good on GM,

So now, i’m really confused on how to achieve this on MonoGame! :confused: I had some knowledge about C sharp syntax and langage and OOP ( i used to programm in java ), and I don’t code alone I have a friend who had 2 years of C sharp Class…

I really dont know where to start from, like : how to get mouse postion on my scene, not on my camera view but on the entire scene/leve, how to achieve mouse click path ? etc etc…

Yea i know this is lot of question, but I really need advice to good start with ! Because when i will get the basis i will work very fast as i had the entire game logic into GML code !

Thank you very much in advance : ange-black69 :slight_smile: