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Are there any good tutorials to get started? I can’t seem to find fully documented tutorials that have all of the content e.g. classes and what they do.

Yes. Start with The Comprehensive Monogame Beginner Guide by Martenfur

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It just leads me to

He’s just being a smart ass. It’s a service he provides :wink:

To be fair, a good starting place is google. Just search for “MonoGame <your question here>”, or replace “MonoGame” with XNA and you’ll find a lot of hits. Past that, dig around these forums themselves, a lot of people are posting little tutorials or coding snippets.

If you have specific questions about MonoGame related things, or are trying to work something into your game and want to bounce ideas around, you can always post about it here :slight_smile:


Well what I meant trying to find was a full documentation that covers all about monogame since the ones I could find are incomplete, few and vague. You could all just link one of the best of the best tutorials that made you comfortable with the framework since I’m still very fresh on how frameworks work and this one is my beginner’s choice.

Have a look at these Monogame Tutorials. On the website you’ll also find documentation, and a Guide to getting started

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I finished reading those but I feel like there’s much more things I could tackle than that (e.g. more complex classes in case it is needed or 3d engine)

GitHub - MonoGame/MonoGame: One framework for creating powerful cross-platform games. here, all you need.

If you want to do 3d in MG then you have to learn 3d in general without limiting your understanding to MG. Learn how effect (fx) works, learn how vertex buffers and uniform works. Using them in MG is then trivial, but you need their understanding independent on MG.

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Trying to find a complete beginners to expert tutorial is almost impossible. There are lots around, but as you have discovered they usually make assumptions about what you are expected to know already.

I have a Youtube playlist Pygame, Love2D and Monogame Comparison which you may find helpful as it tries to keep things simple, and shows how you use the same ideas to create a game, whatever the coding language or framework/engine you decide to use.

The code for this series is available on Github

This only covers 2D but it should give you a starting point.

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What are people looking for these days? I did a load for XNA back in the day as i was learning.

I would love to do a series of tutorials again, but im not sure of the best format.

My old weapon of choice was blog with youtube vids, but im at a loss for a good blog service.

My monogame samples (now out of date) are on git, guess a mix of git and youtube?

Maybe i need to have another look at whats out there for me to use…

I run code clubs in schools and have found the mix of Youtube and Github works well, as the files are available at home or school, and you can upload traditional .pdf written documents to Github as well.

Yea, thats great but makes it all a bit disconnected, just setup a wordpress acount, might start posting to that with links to git hub and youtube videos.

There is a great beginners course on taught by Kyle Schaub on Monogame. In the course he teaches you all about the basics of Monogame to start. You will also build three complete games during the course.