Beginner tutorial, fbx animation, collision models and inputs

Hello, I’m new here… nice to meet you.

Found out about monogame after playing around with unity.
Amazing stuff.
I plan to work with Visual studio 2010 C++, and create games for windows.

Problem is, i don’t know where to start.
Need a concrete tutorial with asigning animation to inputs,collider models
generating collision intersection test, closest point on mesh, basic physics and etc.

I am fairly confident with C++ than i am with C#…
can someone point me to somewhere i can learn myself?
Or perhaps anyone is willing to guide me?

Thank you.

Hi! First of all, I’d recommend getting the 2015 version of the editor. Its also free, and has more modern features, like it can view 3d files and stuff…

For tutorials, check out youtube where you can just search for something like “monogame get input” (or try channel ‘new boston’, there’s a good c# tutorial series), or for text, Reimers XNA tutorials are pretty big on the webs. They are a very nice read.

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Hey mono, neat!

Thanks for the pointers, monopalle! I’ve gotten to them tutorealzzz,
They’re amazing! I particularly like Riemers…very detailed and practical…and New Boston is just this giant library of fill…i’m not expecting to swallow easily.
Been toying around Riemers tutorial, i hope to finish something soon.

And while i’m at it, I’ve just gotten my first 2015 VS, how do you view 3d files, and maybe fbx animation? Playing around it, i also found Sony ATF (Authoring tools framework) which i fail to build because my version is too advanced… And so i come across the terminology of “game tools”, which, if i am not wrong, tools to create game “pieces”, which is then to be compiled together into a full release game…

So, not trying to overshoot…
If i am to make a personal game framework, do you have any suggestion where should i look?
Is there like, Mono tutorials related to it?

I hope to advance and start asking more specific questions, from collision to networking stufff

View 3d files: If my memory serves me correctly, you just double click a 3d file within the Solution Explorer, same as with png images or txt files, they also open on a seperate tab. -I dont know about animation though, as my animations were done through code, in-game.

For your own framework… I wouldnt know where to start besides online archives, tutorials, and asking people who have themselves made a framework.
-There hasn’t been one thing I have imagined, but couldn’t do with mono-game, so I dont even know why anyone would do something like that :slightly_smiling:

If you are actually talking about libraries, to save time coding, that seems more manageable, and there already some good ones out there, I gather. Monogame extended has its own section on the forums. -Again, I dont use anything besides monogame vanilla… When I need the same method or class in different projects, I just copy paste them. Its not usually more than a handfull…

Collision is no problem, because there so many ways to do it, you can just make up whatever you want… Even a mouse click in the menu is collision detection, so you will probably learn collision detection in your first monogame tutorial.

-Networking is something I know nothing about, other than my own thoughts:
There are so many things to do with connections, you would need to know what you are looking for, before you start to build it…

I guess you could easily write some code to ping some things, if you want to do have an immediate impact on your surroundings. -But something like a high score server for your game potentially entails all sorts of hardware choices, maybe even bills, etc…