Best practice to start a cross platform project


after completing a little project for desktop to learn the framework, I want to start a cross-platform project for Android and Desktop but I’m very unsure what the best practice are to be most efficient.

I once used Libgdx and liked very much the concept of having a desktop build project, android build project connected with the Core package, where basically the whole game logic happens. Are there better ways to organize such a project, and how do I reproduce this with Monogame and Visual Studio?

Thanks in advance

Visual Studio, as far as I know has a project template for an Android application as well as the common desktop project templates…

This is really easy to do in MonoGame. You can create a Shared Project in Visual Studio, where you put all your game logic and content. Then add a MonoGame Android and MonoGame desktop projects to your solution, and reference the shared project in each.

Just want to add this great video from @SimonDarksideJ