Best Version Of Windows For MG Development


I’m in the process of updating my (virtual) PC which is predominantly going to be used for MG development.

I am pretty clueless when it comes to development on Windows as I do most development on a Mac with Xamarin studio - I have used Visual Studio with MonoGame a little though.

Anyway, the PC is running Windows 8.1 at the moment but I am getting the usual MS barrage of dialogs trying to persuade me to update to 10. Should I or shouldn’t I - I want to develop PC titles that target as many versions of Windows as possible?


Doing game development in a virtual machine always has more issues than on a physical machine. The 3D support in VMs is usually lacking a bit.

There are no drawbacks to developing on Windows 10. The market share of Windows 10 will keep growing while Windows 8 will decline. If you look at the Steam Hardware Survey, Windows 10 64-bit is almost 40%. Windows 8.1 is just over 10%. Windows 7 64-bit is around 32%.

You can use Xamarin Studio in Windows. And Visual Studio now has Xamarin features, because they were bought out by Microsoft.


Thanks for the replies - I know about Xamarin Studio, was more thinking about the best platform to develop on from a backwards-compatibility perspective, ie if I develop on Win10 will that prevent me from building WIn7/8 compatible apps?

Luckily I’m a 2D man only so the VM should be OK, it does support hardware acceleration and has seemed fine so far (even though the Mac I’m running it on is seven years old)!


You should update to Windows 10, so that you can create UWP apps.
You can still target Win7/8 using MonoGame.DesktopGL or MonoGame.DirectX.

Absolutely not. Desktop applications will still work across those version of Windows.

To support Windows XP and Vista(?), you have to create an XNA version of your application using Visual Studio 2010 and XNA 4.0 Refresh.

OK - thanks everyone.