Best Visual Studio version to start with?

Hello everyone. Yesterday I’ve started using monogame , and i’ve found several problems. On home I use Visual Studio Community 2015 for programming (we use that in class). The issue here is, I have installed MonoGame 3.5, and when I want to add “SpriteFonts” from Visual studio itself, it isn’t showing. I’ve tried many workarounds for adding spritefonts, but any of them are working to me.

The thing is, I see many people using VS2013 instead of 2015, and the question is… Which is the best version to use with monogame? I mean, for starting from zero reinstalling all. And also, if you have links to any up-to-date tutorials on installing the newer versions, it would be great.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Also, if there are better IDEs than VS to use, tell me, I’m open to new ideas.

Hi :slightly_smiling:
There is no better IDE than VisualStudio. :stuck_out_tongue:
Joke apart, i’m using VS2013 because I have a pro license.
2015 should be fine even in its community edition.
What do you mean by “adding” spritefonts and “showing” ?

I was following tutorials, and in certain moment, they teach you how to create “Spritefonts” from Visual Studio. When you add an item, it should be an option to add Spritefont here, but for some reason, there isn’t (and i’m not the only person with that issue).

Any ideas? I really want to start making things here but, hah, things like that suppose a problem in a text based rpg hahaha.

With Monogame, SpriteFonts are added to the content, with the Content Pipeline Tool :wink:

Then…i suppose that I need to create a Spritefont from a “normal” font , true? Any advices on how to do that?

When you have created a contentproject with the tool, and added the spritefont, you can edit it with the font as you have guessed.
Open the spritefont with notepad++ for example, and change the name of the font, and the size etc.
Then in the code, you can do as it is suggested in any XNA tutorial

I’ve done that too, but when I try to write somethiing with the desired font :

But as you can see, I have it added in the pipeline

The content pipeline step should be “build” instead of “copy”. See below.

The line of code I later leverage to load one of my fonts

SpriteFont uiFont = Content.Load<SpriteFont>("Segoe_UI_10_Regular");