Best way to debug MGCB


So I am currently trying to implement a new content processor pipeline and I was wondering what would be the best way to do this with MonoGame and the MGCB utility that is provided as part of it?

Is there any way that I can make a new content processor pipeline and then utilize the breakpoint debugging to step through the code where necessary?

You can use the /launchdebugger parameter when running MGCB to get a prompt which allows you to attach visual studio (with the MGCB project opened) to it.

What’s the revision number for the compiled binaries that are released on the homepage?

Those are the ones that I am using at the moment, so I would need to attach the debugger to the source code from that revision.

I recommend you to download the sources from github amd use the latest.
This is the source code of 3.2 if you want to stuck to it:

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Nice. I’ve been able to make use of that for generating my own test “build engine” in a VS Unit Test project for debugging new content pipeline processors.