Best way to implement audio in Monogame? (FMOD, WWise, built-in Soundeffects?)

Hey guys,

I’m working on a rather large game project right now and sound has become the main focus for current development. I am the sole programmer on the project, and I’ve recently moved from XNA to Monogame. I’m trying to determine what the best method of implementing audio is.

I’ve read that larger game projects usually use an audio middleware, such as FMOD or WWise. My own sound designer recommended FMOD, but I can’t get it to work with C# (They have Unity integration, but no documentation on getting it started outside of Unity and C++). I haven’t given WWise a shot.

I’m currently just using the built-in SoundEffects to play sound. It’s pretty messy and, I would imagine, not ideal.

Are there any ways of easily implementing audio in Monogame outside of the normal Soundeffect and Song classes?

We have some amount of xact support, which I believe was the fancy XNA sound engine. I’m not really sure on it though, but hopefully that gives you something else to try search :slight_smile:

It really depends what platforms you are targeting. I don’t know of any single audio library that will work on all supported MonoGame platforms.

I have briefly had some luck with NAudio on windows if that helps.