Better Content Management

I hate MGCB, so much. No hate to anyone that worked on it, I just find that using it dramatically slows down the process of making a game, with the only benefit being that you need to use it.

Here’s what I want:

  • Any files placed into a content folder will be imported into the game
    • instead of having to add every piece of content via MGCB, you just place it in the folder
    • some sort of .ignore file to skip stuff you don’t want would be a bonus
  • Each file type has a default build/copy method, but it can be overridden
  • Constants are generated for each piece of content so that you don’t have to manually type strings for the name of each piece of content.
    • This is inspired by SwiftGen, if anyone has visited iOS dev land

Does anything like this exist already, or has anyone found an alternative to using MGCB? If nothing like this exists, I’ll build it, but I’d much rather use something that exists already.

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I use this t4 template from the Nez project to create a cs file with all my content path strings

I also use this nopipeline tool to automate the import of content files and bypass the need to use the mgcb gui tool.


gah, perfect! thank you so much. gonna try both of these out.

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