BetterSkinned Scaling Problem


I’ve recently imported the BetterSkinned example into my project for loading Skinned .fbx models with animation. I’ve heavily modified it to allow for blending, and it works very well… but… bone scaling doesn’t work.

Bone translation and rotation work fine, but by default BetterSkinned ignores all scaling. In the above image, the right arm should be enlarged.

In the original, unedited BetterSkinned sample, bone scaling was deliberately not implemented (defaulting every bone’s scale to be the bind poses). I’ve tried to add it myself, but always get terrible mesh distortions. Does anyone have any knowledge of this example? I’d really appreciate any help.

P.S. I’m aware of a Monogame port of the example here, but the Github link to the sample is now a 404 : (