Black textures on models

Hello, new to monogame and 3D models however I have been following tutorials and I kept having the same issue, my models were always rendered black and I could never figure out why, at first I thought it was just because I wasn’t including a texture however I ruled that out when I started using free download models just to play around with.

Here is an example of my problem, I am drawing two of these cubes (FBX file): and the build goes through correctly.
However they are showing as plain black:

I have seen a few threads about this however none of the replied made sense to me. I saw a few posts about the Monogame Pipeline not working? And that XNA is still needed which I thought wasn’t the case anymore, especially with windows 10 not being able to download XNA files (at least when I last tried on my old PC).

Has anyone had any issues with this? the code I am using is just a copy & past of the Collison Detection tutorial from rb Whitaker’s wiki. (can’t link it, new user) with the model renamed to mine. Again, still new and playing around. Thanks in advance.

Swapping effect.EnableDefaultLighting(); to effect.AmbientLightColor = new Vector3(1f, 0, 0); has seem to displayed the textures now.

Only fixed DAE models though, fbx still appears black.