Blurry font rendering and mouse position issue since XNA conversion

So I’ve finally bitten the bullet and converted my game from XNA to MonoGame, which was a lot easier to do than I expected. However I have a few remaining issues. The main one is that text in the XNA version is sharp as can be, but in MonoGame it is blurry and pixellated.

Also, strangely, the mouse is stuck in a top-left rectangle of the screen, as if it thinks the resolution is lower than it is. The maximum value which MouseState.Position will take is the rather arbitrary-looking (X:1672, Y:1019).

Any help much appreciated.



Ah - solved! I recompiled the problematic fonts using the MonoGame pipeline and the blurry fonts and the mouse issue resolved themselves. Awesome - cooking with gas!

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Also make sure you don’t compress the font with the pipelinetool to have an even better rendering :wink:

On desktop platforms we have special case greyscale DXT3 compression for sprite fonts that produces perfectly sharp images. So your statement is only true for non-desktop platforms.