BoxingViewportAdapter will not pillarbox

Previously I had implemented Viewport Adapters by taking the source and included it into my project by making changes. Since I wanted to use other Monogame Extended classes I decided to go native with the viewport adapters.
Everything now works but the Boxing adapter will not pillarbox.What am I doing wrong?
Changing various window sizes and resolutions still leaves the game screen on the left. Fullscreen works fine except still on the left. Letterboxing stays at the top. Mouse positions are correct.
Any ideas?

Well, it is now working correctly. Caught by XNA/Monogames order of initializing. Probably I was not setting the PreferredBackBuffer dimensions correctly.

Yeah, it’s unfortunate that the design requires things to be initialized in a certain way. We’ve tried out best to keep it as simple as possible within the constraints of MonoGame.

Glad you got it working though :slight_smile: