Bug : Default font Arial Contains 0 characteres

Hi, i have an other problem with SpriteFont. To have this bug i have just add one default spritefont the content pipeline. It was Arial font. Everything are ok, content pipeline compile it so it was ok. I load the font, they are no problem but when i would like draw text “text”, i have this exception “Text contains characteres that cannot be resolved by the SpriteFont”. And when i look in my font with visual studio, in the font they are just one char ’ '. Why ?
I have the same problem for all font

Please help, I make game jam. ;(

Which version of MonoGame are you using and which platform are you developing for?

3.7.1 window version

Can you try creating another font? Make sure that the platform in the Content Pipeline tool is set to Windows.

i correct the bug, when i create new spritefont they are this data in the spritefont : characterRegion start #32 and finish to #32. So i have chance the value of end.

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