Bug in Graphics Resolution in UWP

Here is the picture of the game:

When I change the game resolution to 800X600 in the desktop project it adjusts the screen resolution for such resolution.

But in the UWP project it only reduces the size of the game graphics.

How to fix it?

You can clone the monogame source and try this patch.

Could you please take me a step by step how to apply this patch?

I forced a rebuild. The build server seems to be up again.

You can grab the installer/SDK by going to #5914 ,
click on “Show all checks”, “Package Windows SDK-Details”, “Artifacts”
and then download “MonoGameSetup.exe”.

You can go to github and click on “Clone or download”. then run "Protobuild.exe"to build the project files.
Now you can build it ourself and replace the references in your game to point at your own dlls.

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Thanks so much for reply!