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Hi everyone from monogame. I am trying to make an Intro. I have on my project three images. I can’t see or find a way to make a intro. I built already a class Intro. I am learning how to use monogame. I got mouse, gamepad, keyboard working. Now I want to make a Intro linked to the main file Game1.cs

Please I need some help. I accept everything besides gist.

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I think I found a way with Texture2d vector, but I don’t know is that.

When you say “intro”, what do you mean? Are you referring to the screens that usually pop up when you start a game, showing the names of the companies responsible for the game? If so, one way to go about that would be to have an abstract “Scene” class with and Update and Draw method, then create a subclass of that called LogoScene that inherits from scene. In your Game1 class, you would have a single Scene type field, containing the current scene, and then you could change the scene from a logo to another or to the gameplay scene.

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Yes, it’s I am trying to do. I am trying to code a Intro and loaded on Update or Draw function the loading Intro class.

I am going to read carefully what you wrote. To reply here my ongoing code.


Look at creating a scene manager.

If its any help, I just created a sample using my nuget packages, maybe that can give you some ideas?



I am going to see this carefully tomorrow. Which nuget is? I think I will do a scene on the Intro class than I call the method inside draw

I have a few, the source for them all is in that repo too.

If you search monogame.randomchaos you will find my packages.


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