Build don't start on Windows 10

Hello, i built a Windows application but it is not running at all on Windows 10 computers.
I am building the project from a Windows 7 system.
Where should i look to solve that issue ?

What happens exactly? Can you try building just the MG template from you Windows 7 machine and see if that runs?

The project runs well on my computer.
Nothing happen when w10 users execute the application.
Are you talking about a specific template ?

Apparently, the users witth this issue have Windows 10 Family Edition.
And another user with Windows 10 Professional Edition don’t have the issue and have the game working correctly.

Do they have OpenAL installed? :sweat_smile:

I think the OpenAL.dll in the folder do its work correctly.
Now i have 2 other players with windows 10 family and professional and the game works well for them.

I really don’t know why it is working on some systems and not on others …

What do you check when this happen ?

Ehh, have local systems or VMs and fresh test?

Which .NET framework did you build the game with? And do the users have the corresponding .NET run-time installed on their systems?

Windows 10 prompts you to install missing Windows components such as DirectPlay, provided the applications installer is set up correctly… at least my Pro version does… not sure about home users…

(oops i didn’t wanted to answer especially to Mr Valentine, sry)

→ .NET framework 4.5 and it is added to the setup file geenerated in the prerequisites of the project properties.
Maybe i have to add other prerequisites ? Such as "Windows Intaller 4.5 " ?

There is no Virtual Machines

Microsoft DirectPlay has been deprecated. (here)

Windows 10 comes with 4.5+ as a base foundation of Windows, I would suggest using a tool that tells you what your software requires, forgot the name of it but it exists… a profiler… I believe it is built into Windows actually… or may require a download or comes along with VS…

There are… I meant you can use a VM to test fresh install scenarios… it is what I do for older OSs such as Windows 7 as I have no computers running it…

I know that, lol I was giving an example where it is installed during the install of legacy software…

There was a lot of evidence for yourself that i totally didn’t know that’s why answered what i said.
Making assumption of what other people know leads to misunderstanding :wink:

So :
I never use a VM in my life i know nothing about it.

About 4.5 .NET, my project is running with 4.5 why should i need to add 4.5+ versions ?

I don’t know how to do that for now.
I can see in the prerequisites that i can add in addition to .NET framework, somthing named : Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 Runtime. Is it the thing your talking about ?

Probably, I cannot recall it right now but might look for it again in future… not going to look through my 1471 page tome right now for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 include the .NET Framework 4.5. Therefore, you don’t have to install this software on those operating systems.

Hunted through my book and found it for you…


Prerequisites Dialog Box
This dialog box specifies which prerequisite components are installed, as well as how they are installed. For more information, see How to: Install Prerequisites with a ClickOnce Application and Prerequisites Dialog Box.

Hope that helps.

In fact i just noticed that the game launch but just for a few seconds in task manager. Then it stops

Did you profile your activity? memory usage? what are you doing on launch? are you loading in a lot of objects from disk? do they have enough RAM?

I don’t really profile activity, and i am pretty sure it is not a mistake from memory usage (one tester have 16Gb or memory and he can’t play the game and i ahve only 4 and i play it well)

I don’t think it’s a problem related to performance.

Well, i am forced to update to windows 10 to see errors while building, i don’t see another better solution. Damn i really don’t wanted to to that.

I hope the version is not going to work and will generate the expected problem to help me solving it.

I really cannot see any reason to not already be using Windows 10 aside from the minute list of concerns or issues reported by a handful of people… Come join the other 400,000,000+ of us happily using it already. :slight_smile: