build error when I try to build a tiled .tmx file with mgcb editor

Newbie here. I’ve used the NuGet package manager to install both monogame.extended and MonoGame.Extended.Content.Pipeline and correctly edited the Content.mgcb file but I get a build error.

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Hi @Cavvoh, Welcome to the Community!

I added the Linux tag for you. Extended has a lot of past threads on a similar matter, please try the search feature.

Happy Coding!

Hi, I’m also a newbie, I’ve experienced the same problem to what you’ve experienced, idk if the problem is from ourself or the MonoGame.Extended problem, the only thing we can do is waiting MonoGame.Extended to fix this problem, because I’ve also seen a lot of people in community experienced the same problem, and other people also don’t know what’s the problem, that’s just i wan’t to say, Bye :wave:


I encountered this issue when running on a Mac with an M1 chip. I found this to be of great help Cannot build .tmx files. TiledMapTilesetProcessor showing a MissingMethodException · Issue #783 · craftworkgames/MonoGame.Extended · GitHub.

After I set up the new Nuget source and downloaded the beta versions of the nuget packages the application started as expected. I also had to ensure I was running the x64 variant of .NET SDK and not the armx64 as that is not yet fully supported by the chip. (MGCB Not Launching on macOS M1)

Hope that helps!