Build failed: mgcb is not in the search path!


Can someone explain how to fix this issue?

How are you launching it?

You mean MGCB Editor? I create a label of MonoGame\Artifacts\MonoGame.Content.Builder.Editor\Wpf\x64\Debug\mgcb-editor-wpf.exe and place it in folder near my project.

Oh well…figured out…
Sorry for spamming.
I just leave there a solution that help me.

  1. Install mgcb as .net core tool, if there is error try to use concrete version dotnet tool install --global dotnet-mgcb --version
  2. Same with editor dotnet tool install --global dotnet-mgcb-editor --version
  3. Optionally you can register the editor dotnet mgcb-editor --register or mgcb-editor --register.
  4. Now you can open it via cmd mgcb-editor and it should work
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