Build MonoGame.Framework for WindowsDX SDL error

I get an error when trying to build the MonoGame.Framework.WindowsDX:

CS0246 - The type or namespace name ‘Sdl’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) MonoGame.Tests.WindowsDX


I’ve cloned the develop branch from the git repo and updated submodules:

I’ve installed DirectX June 2010 Runtime as per:

When I try and build in VS2022 17.8.3 Community I get this error.

Any help appreciated getting this built.


Welcome to the MG community!

I just followed the getting started guide
And installed the templates
And never had any problems building for GL and DX.
You should come over to the Discord, there you get answer much quicker than here on the forums

They’re trying to build monogame itself, not make a project using it.