Build Monogame from Source - Missing SDL.dll

Hey guys,

I am a bit desperate for I’m searching around the internet for a few hours now.
I am trying to build Monogame from source and followed the instructions on

to sum it up, I

  • cloned the repo
  • updated the submodules
  • ran ProtoBuild.exe
  • opened MonoGame.Framework.WindowsGL.sln
  • Built the project
  • Opened my Game project
  • removed the prebuilt Monogame.Framework reference
  • added the reference to the selfbuilt .dll
    (in my case: …\monogame\MonoGame.Framework\bin\WindowsGL\AnyCPU\Release\MonoGame.Framework.dll)
  • Run Game

When i run the game it crashes inside the Game() constructor telling me it cannot find the SDL2.dll.
I have to say that it’s my first try to build the framework from source and … I am a little bit out of placed to look for answers myself :frowning: Sorry if this is duplicate … (i really checked :smiley:)

I even tried to add a reference to the SDL2.dll manually but i think this would not be the way to go ^^…
(… VS declined this attempt anyway…)

I’d be glad if one of you guys could help me! :slightly_smiling:

Since MonoGame switched to SDL recently, the dll isn’t in older templates. I think you should just add the reference manually, or install latest develop and start from a template. What issue did you run in to?

Oh … my … god …
I thank you so much!

… To be honest. I wouldn’t have thought of this in years :joy:
But yeah. checked the last change in the templates folder and instantly hated myself for not seeing this earlier … :smiley:

Thank you Jjagg!
You’re the man!

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