Building C# projects to SDKs

Hi im new here as i dont use monogame. But i saw some topics related to the issue im having.

Currently i have a few of the nintendo SDKs and built games before in C++. but we are moving to C# engine that we have wrote in house. its nothing special atm just a SDL2 wrapper and few extras. the question i need anwser after all that pretense is.

How can i compile my test project. its a simple SDL2 load up loop with fill rect.
mainly the question is how do i turn .cs into switch/3ds or wiiu bundles to load on the dev mechines.

Thanks sorry i posted in this forum but i feel like banging my head getting this to work.

If you go to the Nintendo developer site and request access to MonoGame for Switch from the middleware directory you can get access to what you need.

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Thanks very much