building content song from mp3 has an issue

Hello all,

I have added an mp3 file to my content and set it up with:
Importer: Mp3 Importer - MonoGame
Processor: Song - MonoGame

But when I build the content it fails.
The exception message that it provides indicates that the song processor is attempting to open the song as .wma file while I specified that it is an mp3.

How can I fix this?

Have you tried converting it to a wma file?


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What does the .mgcb file look like when you open it in the UI? Could you share the raw text of the file?
It should look like this:

#begin (Folder)/(File Name).mp3

Additionally, my music files are being converted to a .xnb equivalent when going through the pipeline.
So the code to import them for playing would be:

Song song = Content.Load<Song>("<Path to file without an extension>");

Do you see .xnb in your Content/bin output? Are you trying to load the Song in the same way?

Thanks for the welcome :smile:.

Sorry, I was not clear enough :frowning:.

However, just when I wanted to reply I noticed it worked :confused:.

Anyways, what was not working:
I have an mp3 file, I wanted to build it (to convert to .xnb so that I can load it in my project via the content pipeline) however even though the mp3 importer and Song format was correctly chosen, the mp3 file failed as a song. When I looked at the error message in the report it mentioned the correct file name at first …/fileName.mp3, but then said that it was not authorized to access …/fileName.wma.

However, just now when I opened the project again, the file was gone, and when I added it this time, everything went “smooth sailing” :open_mouth:

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Any chance the music file or folder might have been open or had some situation where a write block was in effect that now is no longer in the way?

I did have something like this happen to me recently when I was trying to deploy a UWP game to an XBox One - if that happens to be the case, to me the fix was I wasn’t logged into a profile for XBox Live yet in Dev Mode, and I was being blocked from having access to deploy the file.

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Hello Cory,

I wasn’t using the file at the time to my recollection.
The weird thing was the mismatch though between the mp3 and wma.
I think somehow, although the GUI displayed that the file had an mp3 Importer, it did use the wma.
The one action I performed before this that may possibly have corrupted the process somehow, may have been that I was cleaning up my git branches and merged into some old branches. But honestly I’m grasping at straws at this point :smile:.

However, I am happy that the problem is solved. Although it is annoying not to know why or how it happened, I am happy to be able to continue the development :smiley:!

Thanks for your help!