Building the framework from source


I’m trying to build the framework from source, but I can’t get the content project to work properly. I’ve git cloned the develop branch, ran Protobuild.exe and compiled the solutions without issues. I’m able to link the DLLs in my project and everything works well, except for my mgcb file:

  • In Visual Studio 2015, my project won’t load - I guess because the template files are not installed
  • Even if I open the mgcb file without VS, I can’t build it either because some paths are invalid (It looks for the exe in C:\Program Files (x86)/Monogame/…)

How am i supposed to properly install the framework? Do I have to create the installer and run it, or did I miss something? Btw I tried to create the installer with NSIS from Installers/Windows/Monogame.nsi but it fails because of the missing header file (Using the NSIS installer script).

A more detailed tutorial about how to build the framework from source would be very handful :slight_smile:

ps: this is my first post and I’d like to say I really love what you did with Monogame!