Built content is too huge

Hello there!

The overall size of my content is about 10MB without building it. (Raw files)
After building, the content folder grows up to 250MB. Especially for .png files. (Raw 3KB, .xnb -> 3MB)
Am I doing anything wrong here?

PS: The .png’s are all with alpha channel


in the Monogame Content Pipeline you can change the TextureFormat in the Processor to the left.

Choosing a compressed format will bring the filesize down. Same with not generating mipmaps etc.

I tried out all possible combinations. The filesize does not go under 3MB…

DXT compression wont work on images with dimensions that are not power of two.

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A 3KB PNG which converts into a 3MB XNB is either an image with very few repetitive colors or has a lot of empty unused space.

The content pipeline just transforms the images you have in something which is very easy for the target computer to handle, in example, a raw texture or DXT texture. However, easy means efficient in time, but not always in space wasted.

If space used is really a concern, you can just store the PNG without going through the content pipeline and load it with a different loading function which can load raw PNGs. The PNGs will load slower (can’t say by what amount) but will take very little space.

I guess a user prefers a small app size and takes in account to wait 2-6 seconds longer at the loading screen. (Or maybe thats just my opinion) Thanks for your advice. Thats the solution I am heading for