C#: Monogame Advice

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I made a educational maths game in C# with pure code, no game engine or story board. It was a project I did with my friend to open source it for others to use.

I have another friend who wants to use this game for a project, but it needs to be built in the monogame development environment.

I have never worked with Monogame before, so I wanted to ask if the game would need to rebuilt or if it could be easily ported into the monogame dev environment.

Thank you.

If it wasn’t a console application then you must have used something to display things.

The game was built with siverlight

Then I guess it will have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

If you’re sticking to the windows platform then you can reuse your xaml and c# code. More than likely you’ll have to do a bunch of decoupling from all the controls and events. The biggest concern will be once you try to take it out of the windows platform. Nobody else uses Xaml controls. More than likely you’ll have to rewrite the UI portion of the game to make custom bitmap textures for the buttons, layouts,etc.

The best bet would be to decouple your core logic for the game and rewrite the rest to conform to the Update, render loop. More than likely your Silverlight was not written to work in frames but respond to events, which is not a pattern games typically use.

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