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I know this is not technical the correct place but I’m not a member on any other programming forum so am hopping you can help me out. I have the follow code.

                new UiFrame("design", ScreenHelper.Size, AnchorState.All)
                    BgColour = Color.Transparent, //dont display the background
                    Componates = new List<UiClass>()
                        new Button("bntOk", new Vector2(100,50), parent),

Now what I am trying to do is pass in the uifram class in to the button class where you see the variable ‘parent’
Now I know I can do this another way by create the Uiframe. Then create the button and pass uiframe in.
What I am interested in is if there is any way to do it in the above method?

Thank you for any light you can shed on this.

Is your question: how to make an object be aware of its parent ?

What are you using for your UI ? Without information it is hard to tell, some libraries provide some mechanisms to achieve this.

It would be easier and less error prone if you do what you suggest: create Uiframe, then Button. This way you will avoid many mistakes (this ? Parent ? etc).

Yes that’s what I am saying. Just wondering if its possible?

No, you can’t. (20 chars)

Not in the manner you describe above. Create them separately.

var uiFrame = new UiFrame("design", ScreenHelper.Size, AnchorState.All)
        BgColour = Color.Transparent, //dont display the background
        Componates = new List<UiClass>();
var button = new Button("bntOk", new Vector2(100,50), uiFrame);

Ideally, the Button constructor would add itself to the parent since the parent has been passed to it.

public Button(string name, Vector2 position, UiFrame parent)

On my GUI implementation parent child have a relationship definition:
it will be nice if you can inquire any GUI if it is a parent or not, if child GUI you can
inquire the parent.

    mUiFrame = new GUIFrame( ... );
    mButton  = new Button(..., mUiFrame );

    Public Button(...., GUIObj parent)
        _Parent = parent;

        _IsChild  = true;
        _IsParent = false;

    mUiFrame.IsParent // true
    mUiFrame.Chilren  // List
    mUiFrame.IsChild  // false
    mUiFrame.Parent   // null

    mButton.IsParent  // false
    mButton.IsChild   // true
    mButton.Parent    // mUiFrame
    mButton.Children  // None

If an item has a parent, IsChild is useless. Same goes for IsParent, if it has children.
Unless IsChild and IsParent are properties, checking Children and Parent != null/none.
Like this they seems to be duplicates to me.

Looking at his code, yes IsChild & IsParent will be properties. it’s easier for other developers (and yourself later on) to read code like

if (IsChild) {...}

rather than

if (_parent?.Children != null && _parent.Children.Count > 0) {...}

the property of the IsChild Get{} can contain the above complicated looking code instead to return true/false.

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Thanks guys for the feedback. I changed a few things around in the code and have it working fine now. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly the reason why I implemented that way and the parent can also be a child of another GUI item ^ _ ^ y