Can I Still Build/Run 3.6 Projects After Installing 3.8?


I’m probably going to be migrating my 3.6 projects to 3.8 soon and I just wanted some advice as to the best way to go about doing this. I have read the documentation but may well have missed something.

It seems that best practice is just to create a new project and re-import all code and assets. This is fine and probably what I would do anyway.

My main question is - in case something goes horribly wrong or this takes ages I still need to be able to build/run my original 3.6 projects in case I need to make any emergency bugfixes to my game which is live. Will installing 3.8 mess up/overwrite anything in the 3.6 install and can 3.6 and 3.8 projects coexist happily within the same solution?

I’m developing on MacOS and Windows but MacOS is my primary dev platform. I have ‘backup’ VMs I could use with working 3.6 installs but I’d rather not be totally reliant on that.


3.6 is an installer. 3.8 is nugets and dotnet tools. You can easily have both.

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