Can I use MonoGame 3.6 with MonoDevelop 7.5?

Hello everyone. I am trying to install MonoGame 3.6 on linux mint 19. When I run the installer script, it says that MonoDevelop 6 wasn’t found. I want to use MonoGame with the latest MonoDevelop (7.5). Is this possible? I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

If you need templates for MonoDevelop, do Tools > Extensions > Gallery > Game Development > MonoGame and click install.

Yes it is possible. I’m using MonoDevelop 7.5 with the latest build of MonoGame on Ubuntu 18.04
I did download the latest version of MonoDevelop from the official homepage and installed it.

I did download the latest development build of MonoGame:

MonoGame installed for me with no problem but then need to install the templates separately as cra0zy described otherwise in the project list you won’t have MonoGame.

Wait i see you have problems with MonoGame and MonoDevelop? If MonoDevelop can’t list extension MonoGame than I recommend you make manuelly.

  1. Create Console Project

  2. Download MonoGame from nuget or myget server

3 Copy x86 and x64 and create Content and add Contdnt Pipeline file

  1. Mame sure x64 and x86 as Copy if newer

  2. Write MonoGame Game!