Can I use MonoGame to build up a scene then export for visualisation elsewhere?

I have some logic that deals with transformation of points in space. I have some unit tests for that logic, where I load up known points, transform them, and assert that the output is as expected. That’s all working, but when it goes wrong, I would like to be able to easily visualise the inputs & outputs in 3D space. Specifically, I want to:

  1. Inside the unit tests, build up a 3d scene consisting of 3D objects (e.g. balls, cones) placed at points around the scene.
  2. Export that entire scene to a file in a common format (e.g. glTF or ply) such that I can open the scene in e.g. Blender.

The unit test itself just passes or fails, but I want to export these scene artifacts so I can visualise what’s going wrong when it does go wrong.

Is Monogame the right tool for this? If not, can you suggest a better tool?
I started with Monogame because I have some previous experience with it. I can load content and apply transforms to move the objects into the correct 3D coordinates. But it doesn’t really have the concept of a “scene” (more like a collection of objects that I can draw), and there is no Scene.ExportToFile function (but maybe I can use Assimp for that?)

Thanks for any guidance or suggestions.

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