Can I zoom in an OrthographicCamera without blur?

Can I zoom in an Orthographic Camera without any blurring? Whenever I zoom in using the _camera.ZoomIn(0.2f); code, the zoomed image is very blurry. Is there any way I can change this?

Haven’t really messed with it, but are there options for scaling? Say Pixel Scaling vs Interpolation?

I would imagine that it would depend on the quality of your images. If you have a 32x32 image, it’s not going to look very good at 128x128.

Oh ok. My plan was to have all my sprites have a 1 to 1 pixel ratio, so I don’t have to do any scaling with the files, and blow it up where every pixel I drew in aseprite is 6 pixels (cant remember the term.). So I guess I cannot do this?

If you are drawing the sprites using SpriteBatch then you need to set the sampler state to use point sampling. See