Can MonoGame access Macbook Pro's TouchBar?

That touchbar would surely add some interesting gameplay mechanics to my game.

So, can we? Any tutorials? (Found nothing about that on google)

Thanks :smiley:

So… no one? :frowning:

I can’t find anything in the repository about the Touch Bar, and I don’t know all too much about it. Have you tried checking if using the Touch Bar correlates to a Key or touch input in MonoGame?

Hi, thanks for your help :smile:

So, as I’m planning to get a Macbook Pro with Touch Bar very soon, I didn’t have the time to test that yet. I was just wondering if any people who got one tried to find a way to work with it. From what I have searched on google, only Apple’s framework ‘Sprite Kit’ does it :confused:

As MonoGame is open-source, I wonder if would be very hard to implement some code to get access to the touch bar? :open_mouth:

Since the touch bar is only for Mac there’s no point to MonoGame adding an API for it.

The Xamarin Mac API supports accessing the touch bar. Examples:

Oh, Cool! Then I would have to firstly install Xamarin Studio and then MonoGame add-in? Would that work? Thanks!

You’ll want to install VS for Mac. The installer lets you select the platforms you’d like to target. Yes, after installation you can get the MonoGame add-in to get the templates :slight_smile:

Edit: make sure you get the MonoGame installer from the downloads page too. The add-in just installs the templates.

VS for Mac, right. Well guess I got the confirmation I so much hoped for :] It was really worth the wait. I really appreciate your help, very thanks! :smiley:

Let’s see what game mechanics I can make with that touch bar :smiley:

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Good luck! Make sure you post in the Showcase category if you come up with something cool :slight_smile:

Thank you :] I’ll surely be back soon with something cool

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