Can not seem to get MGCB editor to work

I’m really stuck on how to make the mgcb-editor tool work in Visual Studio 2022? I have tried doing a clean install of Visual Studio 2022 along with installing the MonoGame Templates Extension through Visual Studio 2022, the mgcb-editor tool was working for me in the past before, I had my laptop hard drive upgraded to a SSD. Any help would be appreciated.

Is the MGCB editor not working in general, or does it just not open when you click a .mgcb file in VS?
You can also launch the editor from the command line, or by opening it directly in it’s Nuget folder.

It seems to be not working in general, because every time that I click on the content folder inside of my projects to expose the mgcb editor all it shows is a ghosted out mgcb editor file. I have gotten it to launch from the command line, but it won’t allow me to add any assets, or fonts nor audio files that I have downloaded?

Have you tried rebuilding the NUGET cache?

No I have not tried to rebuild the Nuget cache? How would I go about doing something like that anyway?


Troubleshooting NuGet Package Restore in Visual Studio | Microsoft Learn.