Can’t get to hello world

I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about MonoGame and some cool games were made with it. I’ve been looking into engines to make a 2D game. I’m a Javascript Engineer professionally and am looking forward to learning C# and the MonoGame API seems clean.

That being said, even though I program daily, I can’t even get to a “Hello World” situation. I’m on OSX and the official getting started docs don’t tell me much about getting up and running. I followed another tutorial which said I needed to install things in a specific order, which I read after I installed the dependencies in the wrong order. :confused:

So I did a complete wipe of VS, Mono and MonoGame and reinstalled the right order and I still can’t create a MonoGame project.

Is there an official way to get MG running in OSX that I’m missing?

Thanks in advance.

You need to add the MonoGame extension to Visual Studio.

Go to Extensions..., Manage Repositories..., check Visual Studio Extension Repository (Alpha channel), you should then see the extension in the Alpha channel, called MonoDevelop.MonoGame.Templates (which is still in development).

You can now go to New solution...OtherMiscellaneousMonoGame Solution/Project.

For a quick start, you can just check DesktopGL and no code sharing.

Perfect, I got a gray screen! This should be added to docs. Is there a contribution guide?