Can we deploy our games for consoles using a Mac or Linux?

Or is Windows mandatory for such task? --> (Xbox One, PS4, Switch)

Maybe not the answer you are looking for but i was thinking “does it matter” :wink:

Making the game is the hard part do that where ever… when you are done with the game, if needed, “rent/get/borrow” a pc and do the port to the dev kit hardware.

But I dont know if its needed… sorry

I think the politically correct answer here is, it makes it streamlined/easier.

Remember, you could get away with Bootcamping Windows onto your Mac, if not already aware…

Of course, I’m already doing that using only my Mac :slight_smile: My doubt here is if Windows is still mandatory for deploying our games to consoles using the devkit. But I don’t think so, just wanted a confirmation.

Edit: Just edited title so it’s more clear about my doubt

Got it, just as I imagined. And yep, I know about Bootcamping, it’s just that it’s convenient to be able to do everything using only your desktop of choice. GameMaker Studio 2 apparently do that, as there’s also an editor for Mac.

I run a Windows VM on MacOs using VMWare Fusion so I can just flip between the two.

This may sound a bit clunky but, generally, it works fine in practice. I can switch between my Windows and Mac Desktop in an instant and, using the ‘shared folders’ function in VMWare, compile shaders on Windows and have them running on MacOS pretty much right away!