Can you use Visual Studio Code for MonoGame development?

I’ve googled and haven’t found a good answer.

I come from a Windows background and I’m used to making games in VS on windows.

Today I am working with Visual Studio Code and would love to keep working in Visual Studio code should it be possible.

Is it possible to run monogame with VS code? Do I need to get a different IDE?

Thank you

Well, yes of course it is possible. But I you’d have to make some configurations yourself. It won’t be as easy as using Visual Studio or MonoDevelop

That sounds nice!

Are these configurations complicated? Where would I find information on what I should fix etc? Or should I just get one of those IDEs?

MG isn’t bound to any IDE really. It’s just that templates are only provided for VS and MD. So creating a new project isn’t as straightforward. Other than that there’s nothing special you need to do.

Why not simply use Visual Studio for The Mac ???


VSCode is quite a bit different from regular VS (for better and worse). It wouldn’t be trivial to switch unless already experienced with some prior versions of VS.

Some people also just really really love VSCode.

To have less stuff on my computer pretty much. But if VS for mac is also free i wouldn’t mind getting that. So I’ll look it up!

As far as I know, Visual Studio for Mac is free like the Community Edition…