Cannot delete items in Content Pipeline

I cannot delete items in the content pipeline anymore. Is this a bug or a new feature (because I also do not see ‘Delete’ option in the context menu)? I am not sure if it is related to this, but all of my content is within the content folder. I only see ‘Exclude from Project’ in the context menu, which is rather unhelpful if I want to replace the file with a newer version because then I must go into the folder and manually delete it. Is there a faster work around?

If you want to update the asset, you don’t need to Exclude from Project, update the asset and Include it again.
You can just update the file and when the build is triggered, it will rebuild the modified asset.

But well, you still have to go into the folder and manually update it.

Awesome, I don’t even have to open up the pipeline tool and rebuild. Did not know that. Thank you.

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