Cannot launch the pipeline tool on Windows 10

Hello !

I’m new to Monogame and I installed the version 3.7.1 with the windows installer, and whenever I try to open (by double-clicking) the pipeline tool (whether from a .mgcb file or directly with the pipeline.exe executable), it just does nothing. I really have no clue !

Please help me !

Try right click and open with, then select monogame pipeline tool

Hello, thanks for your reply, but it also does nothing.

I found a pseudo solution, I actually use the pipeline tool of the 3.7 version of monogame instead of the 3.7.1 one.
If someone already had this issue, I would appreciate to know how they resolved this problem ?

Edit: After reinstalling 3.7.1 over 3.7, the pipeline tool finally works. Now I can’t even reproduce the bug…

I can confirm this is a problem when doing a fresh install of 3.7.1 on Windows 10. I looked in to this a bit further, and it is not that it simply does nothing, I get WerFault when trying to open Pipeline.exe.

Just to follow up, I just extracted ONLY the Pipeline.exe and replaced it in the 3.7.1 fresh install, and Pipeline.exe works now without the WerFault. So there does seem to be a problem with a fresh install of 3.7.1 on Windows 10.

Same here…but workaround works for me!