Can't find MonoGame extension for VS2019

I’m installing VS 2019 on a new Windows computer and I can’t find the extension.

Can anyone help?

Try this in Command Prompt:

dotnet new --install MonoGame.Templates.CSharp

Source: Setting up your development environment for Windows

It did something. But it doesn’t seem like it solved my errors. When I go to Manage Extensions it doesn’t appear under installed.

This is the screenshot from trying the command for a third time:

Could it be cause it installed the 3.8.1 version of the templates and not 3.8.0?

and if you create a project via dotnet CLI ? … like
dotnet new mgdesktopgl

The testGl file seems to run just fine. The Monogame Templates still don’t show up under Manage Extensions, but the namespace issues I was having with my project aren’t occurring here.

Even though this worked in the command line, when I click start new project, none of the project templates appear.

I don’t thing the templates extension is for VS2019… it’s look like new from the last version 3.8.1
Visual Studio 2019 and prior are no more supported

If you need to use Visual Studio 2019, we encourage you to stick to MonoGame 3.8.0.

I plan to stick with 3.8 for now. The project I’m trying to load uses 3.8 and I modified the templates install command so that it installed instead.

Can’t think of why it wouldn’t work. Templates for 3.8 should still be supported in 2019.