Can't get Demos to Work

I followed the instructions here for my installation, described below:

Installed Windows Visual Studio Community 2017 from

Installed Monogame 3.7.1 from

FILE > NEW > PROJECT > MonoGame Cross Platform Desktop Project > OK

In Visual Studio went to PROJECT > MANAGE NUGET PACKAGES and installed MonoGame.Extended 1.1.0

Also installed MonoGame.Extended.Content.Pipeline 1.1.0

Opened MonoGame Content Pipeline and selected Content then under Properties > References selected my *.dll file from C:\Users[USER].nuget\packages\monogame.extended.content.pipeline\1.1.0\tools\MonoGame.Extended.Content.Pipeline.dll to get the Extended Pipeline Tools working

Moved the Content and code files from the demo

Attempted to run program and get a number of errors:

Check whether everything is moved from a demo. You have no several files of control of screens.(ScreenManager.cs) Or namespace does not coincide.