Cant load android project

Recently I cannot load my android projects anymore, visual studio just displays “preparing solution” indefinitely.
like such:

Sometimes seemingly randomly it does manage to open, and works fine until reload.

Not sure if relevant but when building (and sometimes when opening solution) I get several
“aapt.exe has stopped working” popups, but it doesn’t seem to affect the building.

Using VS17CE and MG3.6

Steps to reproduce:
• Create new android project.
• Restart visual studio
• Try to open project.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Are you using some form of overzealous antivirus?

Tried disabling antivirus, didnt help.

Have you upgraded your .NET Framework beyond what came with Visual Studio 2017 recently?

Seems to work now, uninstalled Android 8.0 sdks, I think thats what did it.