Can't load Sprite Font in content builder

Hi, I have monogame and visual studio installed on my mac (High Sierra). I have an issue with the content builder of monogame, I can’t build spritefonts…

This is the error I have when trying to load spritefont :
Capture d’écran 2021-01-13 à 12.38.25|690x85

Sorry If this message is not english, I am not a native english speaker…

I tryed to reinstall the content pipeline but It doesn’t change anything.
Do you have a solution for this issue ? Thanks.

I believe that spaces in paths might cause issues if I am remembering correctly.

EDIT: However they appear quoted, so that might not be the issue.

There are two solutions:
rds1983/SpriteFontPlus: MonoGame/FNA Library that extends functionality of the SpriteFont. (

rds1983/FontStashSharp: C# port of

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You have the wrong processor. You need the FontDescriptionProcessor.
The one you used, ‘FontTextureProcessor’, is for importing bitmap textures.

Hi @rds1983 I used your solution and everything works thanks !