Can't render game with DirectX

Windows 7 x86
Intel graphics hd
MG 3.7.1

I had this problem (no need to read it now)

Since I read that some old intel drivers had problems using Vsync with OpenGL I decided to port the game to DirectX.

In my development system (win11 x64 DX12) I had no problem running the game. However, I encountered some problems when trying to run it in the described system. Firstly, I could see that nothing was being rendered, one screen was fully white and the other one was black (almost seemed like it was just off). Using some debugs I discovered that the game wasn’t running the game loop. Update() was only called the first time, and Draw() was never called. The weird thing is that the game didn’t crash since no exceptions were thrown, and some events could still be fired.

I can’t find any records of anything like this happening. What do you think it could be?

Important note : for irrelevant reasons, I can’t install any external software or firmware in this system