Changing the monogame icon in .Net Core. [SOLVED]

I have had this problem for a year, but thought I should probably get it fixed. How do you changed the icon in the menu bar to something other than the Monogame icon? I am using visual studio and .Net Core. I have changed the icon in Application under Project Properties, but that did not help.

I think you change these not 100% on that been a while since i did it.

And also clean your build once in a while too.

Ahhh Figured it out. In accordance with willmotils answer, I had the Icon updated in the project, but you must set the file to CopyAlways or CopyIfNewer and the content type must be ‘Resource’.

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That gets us all to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for this!

For future developers who find this thread: In order to get mine to work, in addition to setting the file to CopyAlways, I had to set the content type / build action to “EmbeddedResource” (not Resource).

It did not work for me.
But this was helpful (The logical name must be set in the project file):