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My first ever MonoGame app, Chaos Influx is now available on the Google Play store. It started off as a mini project to get a feel for Xamarin and MonoGame, 5 months of challenging (but fun) coding later and it’s finally finished.

The game itself is a classic arcade shooter with a lot of added extras. There are boss fights, powerups, particle effects and some pretty juicy sound effects and dance tracks to add to the excitement. You can check out some screenies and the promo video at

I spent quite a bit of time on the control mechanics as I had never really found a mobile shooter with good feel and feedback. Most of the existing games were using the touch screen to control the ship by either tapping left and right with autofire, or using a virtual joystick overlay.

Movement in Chaos is done via the accelerometer, so I’ve added some friction and momentum to the ship so that it’s possible to do both small, accurate movements as well as fast, evasive manoeuvres. There’s a training mode to introduce the control system to new players, but most people seem to pick it up after a few games. Survival mode is also available, for advanced players to sharpen their skills.

I’m really keen to do an iOS port next and possibly Windows Phone. I just need to get my hands on a Mac and some Nokia phones and let MonoGame do its magic :wink:

Huge thanks to the MonoGame team for all your hard work. Your framework has made multi-platform game development a realistic option for indie developers. Letting us focus on the game content and playability, without having to worry about multiple languages and low-level native issues. Looking forward to future releases :space_invader:

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You can get hold of Chaos Influx on Google Play and the App Store. Check out for more screenshots and a gameplay video.


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I originally released Chaos Influx as a paid app a couple of years ago. It didn’t really make much money with just over 50 downloads so I’ve updated to the latest MonoGame and made the Android version FREE. You can get it on Google Play, enjoy :smiley:

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This is a nice gift :slight_smile: thanks

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I released a new version of Chaos Influx a couple of weeks ago with a number of improvements, including online hi-scores & achievements and some extra in-game trance music.

Check out the update if you have it already or give it a blast if you’ve never played. It’s written using MonoGame, totally free and has no ads or in-app purchases:

Chaos on Google Play

Enjoy folks :smiley:

Yo! I’m your 101 download user my favorite number :smile: I love Galaga, Space Invaders thingy… simple but yet Addictive << a key to lure mobile players ^ _^ Y

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