Checking for collison bottom of one sprite to top of a second

I’m porting a game from Godot to MonoGame. The game is working 98% as expected. I’m having one small issue. The player’s character jumps from object to object. When they land on the object it is supposed to start falling and the player jumps off to the next object. This is working other than one case. If the objects are close and the player has to jump up to the next one they can bump into the left side of the object and it falls. I stopped this, kind of, by comparing the bottom of the player’s sprite to the top of the object. If the player was above the object the previous frame I say the object will fall. I’m looking for inspiration on how I can test if a collision is only bottom of the sprite to the top of another sprite.

Could you check which direction the player is going and only make the object fall only if the player is traveling downwards?

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I ended up using this with the rectangle being above the sprite in the previous frame.